A lightweight middle layer solution that is enhancing security regardless of the operating system executing on top of it.

A common security platform.

Cybersecurity is a big challenge for every organization. How you safeguard internal information, customer data, intellectual property, and company reputation is a crucial part of business strategy.
One never-ending challenge is the securing of client systems, when constantly adding new features and capabilities, and users interacting with servers all over the world.

VirtuOSe is providing a common security platform for your client systems, handling a mix of operating systems, Windows or different Linux distributions.


VirtuOSe is a lightweight middle layer solution, enhancing security and controlling hardware regardless of the operating system executing on top of it.
In the COTS world, hardware and software live in a symbiotic relationship, where hardware improvements making software out-dated, which in turn cause older hardware to become obsolete.

VirtuOSe will help you to future-proof your software and infrastructure.


The standardized middle layer keeps the software environment in a known state and the decision on when and why an application has to be updated is in your control.
Examples :
– VirtuOSe filters all network traffic according to centralized rules without user knowing anything about filtering.
– If geofencing is in operation, the data encryption keys will be destroyed if the machine leaves premises.
– Only approved USB memories are accessible from the operating system level.


  • Hardware control regardless of operating system. Managed access to USB, DVD and
  • Network traffic management, tunnels, filters, encryption, etc.
  • Future-proofing the software environment through a standardized middle layer.
  • Standardized encryption solution for data.
  • Standardized authentication solution for decryption of data.
  • Geofencing.