IOT Security, Vulnerabilities and Exposures detection, Automation


The projects is a cooperation between Lund University, Advenica, Axis, Ericsson, Prevas, Sensative, SICS and T2 Data. All aspects needed to conduct a successful project are covered by consortium partners, ranging from security researchers and developers, to system integrators and device manufacturers.

The projects consists of several parts, e.g.,

  • An analysis of the current situation in industry, conducted through discussions and interviews with e.g., manufacturers, developers and integrators.
  • Development of tools that can be used to analyze new vulnerabilities in the context of a specific device with a given configuration.
  • Research in machine learning and automated methods that can be used to simplify and make the vulnerability analysis more cost-efficient
  • Development of APIs that can be used to integrate the results in current development environments.

The project will result in a set of demonstrators, showing how the tools can be used in different use cases in order to improve the analysis of new vulnerabilities.

IoT is a rapidly developing and expanding area, and security in IoT is of uttermost importance. It is natural that the use of, and regulations surrounding, connected devices will develop during the project. In order to develop tools that will be useful also in a longer perspective, the IoT development regarding laws, regulations, standards and protocols, will be audited throughout the project.