TIME 2020-2024 TECHNOLOGIES UAS Traffic Management PROJECT The project name: “Positioning – Navigation – Communication for a future UTM” The projects is a cooperation between T2 Data, Telia, Västerviks Kommun, Södra Skogsägarna, Ericsson, RISE, and more. Funding from Trafikverket (The Swedish Transport Administration).


TIME 2016-2018 TECHNOLOGIES IOT Security, Vulnerabilities and Exposures detection, Automation PROJECT The projects is a cooperation between Lund University, Advenica, Axis, Ericsson, Prevas, Sensative, SICS and T2 Data. All aspects needed to conduct a successful project are covered by consortium partners, ranging from security researchers and developers, to system integrators and device manufacturers. The projects consists…


TIME 2014-2016 TECHNOLOGIES Embedded systems, Boot Security PROJECT HASPOC (High Assurance Security Products On COTS platforms) is a project in Vinnova’s Challenge Driven Innovation program. The ultimate project target is to provide security for critical digital services and infrastructures by development of a trusted, cost and resource efficient virtualized COTS (ARM) platform with proven and Common Criteria…

Artemis nShield

TIME 2012-2014 TECHNOLOGIES Embedded systems, Boot Security PROJECT nSHIELD is a project co-funded by the ARTEMIS JOINT UNDERTAKING (Sub-programme SP6) focused on the research of SPD (Security, Privacy, Dependability) in the context of Embedded Systems. pSHIELD has covered the definition phase of this roadmap: nSHIELD will be in charge of the development and implementation phases. The SHIELD General…


TIME 2006-2012 TECHNOLOGIES Networking, Security PROJECT CNS (Center for Networked Systems) is focused on the combination between telecommunication networks and services, especially operation and maintenance in system networks. Collaboration with Research institutes, Academia and Industry.