GLIMSE – Generic Language for Interacting Micro SErvices – a protocol specification for value stream integration.

Eiffel – is a framework for continuous integration and delivery. Part of the framework is a well defined communication protocol containing a vocabulary and syntax of events. Eiffel is an open source project published on GitHub under the Apache License 2.0 in 2016 (


MAIA is a software tool created to support continuous delivery and DevOps practices.

To be able to support industries using the Éiffel framework, the MAIA Software tool includes an event management service, GEAS (Generic Event Adapter Service), acting as a bridge between the MAIA and the Eiffel domains. Eiffel is an event-driven framework, using Eiffel protocol messages on some standard message transport infrastructure, MAIA handles event-driven messaging using the GLIMSE protocol and the Kafka streaming platform.

The GLIMSE message content is compatible with the content of Eiffel messages, making it straightforward for GEAS to seamlessly translate and forward messages between the two domains.


Example :