DevSecOps stands for development, security, and operations, where the security is deeply integrated into the Software Development Life Cycle.

MAIA Introduction

DevSecOps with MAIA Software

MAIA is a software tool designed to create a seamless experience across the DevOps tools stack and provide a unified real-time view of all activities in the software delivery pipeline.

MAIA offers comprehensive traceability across tool borders with the ability to automate software vulnerabilities detection.

MAIA cooperates with the tools you already use to enhance visibility, security, and quality.

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DevOps and Security


With DevOps practices potential security problems are discovered more quickly and threats are addressed faster. DevOps is about creating a more open culture with more collaboration and visibility to activities. It´s also about speed, automation and fast feedback i.e. an efficient arena for integrating security and audit capability as a built-in component.

MAIA Software is boosting visibility and speed, and has features to automatically detect vulnerabilities and exposures in included components.

Business Transformation

Importance of software.

Software is transforming businesses and the way they operate. The ability to deliver high-quality software and innovation is of crucial importance, and efforts to strengthen the capability to efficiently develop software are backed by an increasing number of company executives.

Software is an asset that increases competition between well-known competitors and new, fast-paced, organizations that use state of the art technologies.

MAIA Software increases visibility and can produce meaningful metrics and key performance indicators for the business.


Software supply chain.

Software development is difficult, and it’s not getting any easier. The size and the complexity of software, as well as the tools and infrastructure it needs, are constantly increasing.

An important activity is to take control of all combinations and versions of the software raw materials – source code, open source components and packages.

MAIA Software creates full traceability in the software supply chain.

DevSecOps for All

DevSecOps for IoT & Embedded

Many organizations have been working on its transformation to DevOps for years now and have, especially in the cloud space, reached a high level of maturity. For IoT & embedded it’s another story. Despite the increasing demands for speed and quality, DevOps is still in its early stages.

Developing software for IoT is challenging. For example, to manage the diversity and pace of the different development pipelines and, at the same time, having full control over changes, quality, and security of a multi-platform delivery is a difficult task. Device platform diversity and hardware variants and versions add to further complexity.

MAIA Software is technology agnostic and handles versioning of everything you build, with full traceability on all activities.