SBOM Central

The “Software Bill Of Materials” (SBOM) has emerged as a key building block in software security and software supply chain risk management. Lacking an up-to-date SBOM can lead to difficulties in determining which applicions are susceptible to attacks. As the software landscape continues to evolve, the importance of maintaining accurate and comprehensive SBOMs cannot be overstated.

SBOM Central provides a user-friendly service for managing, monitoring, and sharing your SBOMs. It efficiently identifies and notifies you of vulnerabilities, exploits, and other security concerns while conducting ongoing scans for software updates, licensing compliance, and various health indicators.



MAIA Software adds Efficiency and Security to your Software Supply Chain.

An automated Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline creates loads of data. Add MAIA Software to your pipeline to create a common understanding by managing tools-, people-, and process data together.

MAIA Software:

  • Creates a unified and instant understanding of the activities and status of your development pipelines.
  • Keeps the full and aggregated history of code changes, builds, deliveries, tests, tasks, bugs, and other activities.
  • Detects vulnerabilities and exploits in former and planned software releases.
  • Has powerful tools to compare deliveries, builds, and tests.
  • Has intuitive and automated tools managing open-source licensing, vulnerabilities, and the health of dependencies.
  • Visualizes activities in real-time, storing data for future use and analytics.

Cross-tool traceability

In modern software development, there are constant changes to multiple parts of a product at the same time. With cross-tool traceability you can keep track of them all. Link builds to code changes, feature tickets, bug reports, SBOMS, associated tests.

Security and Compliance

Automate the creation of software bill of materials (SBOM), and then run checks on the list of components and open source dependencies to identify vulnerabilities and exploits, monitor versions, open-source project health, and licensing.

Quality and Speed

Enhance software quality by visualizing your automated testing in real-time and make your data accessible for all. Promote commitment and a sense of responsibility. Maximize value by storing and organizing new and past test data, and use it for analysis and reporting.

Platform Security

Secplatform/VirtuOSe is centralizing cybersecurity features into a hidden software middle layer.

A minimal footprint middle layer platform lessens the risk of security issues. By separating security features from the user environment it can be centrally managed for many environments by a few experts keeping the cybersecurity updated and on a high level.

Secplatform/VirtuOSe can provide:

  • Secure and redundant boot.
  • Encrypted storage.
  • Network filtration and encryption.
  • Mass configuration, fault and performance management.
  • Virtualization with emulation of architectures and CPUs.
  • Ability to passthrough common enumerated buses like USB and PCI.

For embedded and IoT

Protect infrastructure by securing IoT devices and systems that control the power grid, water supply, communications networks, traffic management, and more.

For client computers

Protect client computers where users constantly add features and capabilities, interacting with servers worldwide. Have a common security plan for client systems regardless of operating system.