Continuous Delivery & DevOps


Leading edge software companies are using modern practices like Automation, Continuous Delivery and DevOps to deliver high-quality software faster than anyone ever thought possible.

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IoTContinuous Delivery for IoT -- with traceability and coordination between your backend services and the software on your devices.

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CyberCyber Security as a Business Enabler when moving devices outside your defensive fence.

Continuous Delivery

Select a management tool that integrates information from the whole delivery stream and for all kinds of projects - cloud, embedded, etc. Track and backtrack everything from idea to deployment. Make everything visible for everybody - in real-time.
Integrate with the tools that you already use.

Software Test Automation

For large and distributed projects -
add test result streaming, real-time presentations, remote accessible test infrastructure, booking with automated job queuing, to the normal mix of
test automation frameworks, code coverage tools and bug trackers.

Cyber Seurity

The fundamental security measure for IoT is hardening the device —
starting with a secure boot, checking signatures and scanning for possible intrusion, before it starts communicating through the network.

Innovative solutions, products and services for Continuous Delivery, Software Test Automation and Cyber Security.
Expert services in IP Networking technologies and Embedded Linux.

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